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Francisco Molina

Partner and Consultant

Francisco Molina holds a pivotal role as a Partner and Consultant at Accelerate. His educational journey is marked by a postgraduate degree in Legal Tech and Innovation from George Washington University School of Business, a master's degree in Business Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, where he was recognized as the 'Best Graduate of the 2010-2011 Generation' and a bachelor's degree in Legal Sciences with honors 'Cum Laude' from Universidad Dr. Jose Matias Delgado.

His professional journey is distinguished by his active participation in numerous workshops and conferences addressing a wide array of legal topics, including taxation, intellectual property, constitutional law, arbitration, anti-money laundering, administrative law, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and more. He has also held the position of a university lecturer and trainer, particularly in the realms of administrative law and tax law.

His key practice areas encompass various critical legal domains:

  • Corporate Matters: Francisco offers legal guidance on corporate activities, spanning commercial law, migration law, consumer protection, competition law, intellectual property, trademarks, and more.
  • Contractual Expertise: His expertise extends to drafting and advising on various types of contracts, including international agreements, credit deals, share/company purchases, loans, joint ventures, investments, and more.
  • Tax and Fiscal Matters: Francisco provides strategic tax planning, preventive and corrective fiscal advisory, and plays a role in administrative tax proceedings.
  • Litigation: He handles civil, commercial, and administrative litigation, amparo proceedings, and assumes the role of secretary in arbitral tribunals.
  • Labor Law: Francisco offers advice on employment contracts, sanctions, personnel terminations, and represents clients in labor courts and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

With a remarkable academic background, extensive legal knowledge, and a commitment to facilitating international investment, Francisco Molina significantly contributes to ACCELERATE's mission of supporting foreign investors in emerging industries within the progressive legal landscape of El Salvador.

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